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About Intentional Life Coaching

Assisting Caregivers in discovering their personal goals, carve out valuable time for themselves and foster a balance between self-care and caregiving responsibilities.

Sixteen years ago, my husband received a life-altering diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 43.  As his primary caregiver for six challenging years, I stepped into his business and navigated the complex role of wife, mother, and caregiver.  For years, I worked to meet the needs and expectations of my husband and family, often juggling multiple tasks at the same time, feeling like there was never enough time or that I had enough energy. Overseeing his physical needs and facing the terminal nature of his illness, the journey became a profound catalyst for personal transformation.  During this hectic and uncertain time, I discovered resilience in the face of overwhelm, stress, and powerlessness.  Through research and study of the subconscious mind, clarity, mindfulness and eventually becoming a Certified Life Coach, I have found meaning in helping others navigate similar paths successfully to personal fulfillment.

My experience led me to a deep understanding of the delicate balance between caregiving, self-care and personal aspirations.  Now, as a Certified Life Coach, my mission is to guide individuals in the family caregiver role.  I aim to help them carve out essential time for self-care and foster a harmonious balance between caregiving responsibilities and personal aspirations unveiling their goals and path to success.

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As a Certified Life Coach and drawing from both personal and professional experience as a family caregiver, wife, mother, daughter and business owner, I am confident in my ability to guide you toward a life that is more aligned, abundant and satisfying.  Certified Success Coaching, NLP, Time Techniques and EFT.

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