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online life coach Kirsten - intentional life coaching coaching for alignment fulfilment and personal success

Hi, I'm Kirsten.

As the owner of Intentional Life Coaching, I am here to help you get clear on your personal goals and path to success.  I will help you identify limiting beliefs and decisions that make you feel “stuck” and create overwhelm.  You will discover time for yourself that allows you to create a comfortable balance between self-care, personal aspirations, and daily responsibilities.

Intentional Life 

Assisting Caregivers to Find Balance

As a Certified Life Coach, I offer personalized coaching services including 1:1 Coaching and Self-Paced Online Courses.  My mission is to guide individuals in the Caregiver role.  Our online meetings aim to help you carve out essential time for self-care and foster a harmonious balance between personal aspirations and daily responsibilities unveiling your personal goals and path to success.

reaching intentional life - Assisting caregivers to find balance and success

The daily grind can leave little room for personal growth and fulfillment.  It's easy to feel like life is a hamster wheel constantly moving, never changing, and getting nowhere no matter how hard or fast you try.  Taking time to reflect upon and inspect your personal aspirations and values can provide clarity and direction.  By awareness and understanding of our thoughts and beliefs, one can empower themselves to make meaningful changes and create the boundaries necessary for a more balanced and satisfying life.  

Categories of Life for Growth & Change


Family & Relationships

Personal Development

Health & Fitness


What is Intentional Life Coaching?

  • Desire and Willingness to Start Your Journey and Make the Steps to Real Change

  • Identify Where you are in Life, Where you want to Go, and How you will get There

  • Changing and Adjusting Strategies that no longer Work

  • Awareness, Clarity and Mindfulness

  • Personal Growth, Problem-Solving, and Goal Achievement

  • Personal Responsibility for Outcomes

online coaching options for caregivers and individuals looking for personal growth - intentional life coaching

"Is Coaching For me?"

Work With Me If...

  • If you sense your life becoming more limited, and you’re uncertain how to shift it.

  • You feel overwhelmed and indecisive and want more peace and ease.

  • You want to dedicate yourself to self- care and can’t seem to find the time or energy.

  • You want more connection in your life and don’t know where to begin.

  • Looking to lead a life filled with Fulfillment, Alignment, Abundance, and Connection, but unsure of the path?  I’m here to help … let’s explore ways to make positive change, You don’t have to do it alone.

Coaching Might Not be for you if you ...

  • Lack an openness to Change, New Perspectives or Ideas

  • Limited Accountability; unwilling to take responsibility for your Actions, Decisions, and Progress

  • Lack of Self-Reflection; unwilling to Examine your “Why’s”

  • Have a Fixed Mindset; Believing your Abilities and Traits are Static and Unchangeable

  • Lack of Commitment; unwilling to Dedicate Time and Energy to the Coaching Process

life changes for personal growth and development - intentional life coaching - online life coaching

Take the first step towards a better life today!

“Kirsten has been my unwavering support over the past few years, a constant pillar of
strength. She’s not just dedicated to her craft, but genuinely passionate about guiding
people toward healing. Every session with her unlocks a new chapter of self-discovery,
armed with practical tools to see life in a whole new light. Kirsten is not just professional
and caring but refreshingly honest in the most human way possible. Her God-given
gifts make her the perfect coach, confidante, and mentor.”


“My experience being coached by Kirsten has been truly transformative. In just a few
short months, I have had a miraculous shift in mindset, a profound change in my
perception of the world, and freedom from the fear that consistently held me back.
Kirsten, I am immensely grateful for your guidance and support. Thank you doesn’t
seem sufficient to express the depth of my appreciation.”

- J.B

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